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Tax questions? We can help.

If you’re looking for accounting services or tax services, Jeff Pickering, CPA can help. With over 22 years of experience in helping clients both within and outside of the US with professional accounting services, we have a wealth of experience in finding the right solutions for individual clients.

We provide tax and accounting services for both corporate and individual clients. Whether you’re running an established business, or you’ve just begun operating a brand new startup, Jeff Pickering, CPA is here to take the pressure off you when it comes to finances.

Navigating today’s business and personal tax environment requires professionals who can help you comply with increasingly complex regulations, while also minimizing their impact. Even for some individuals, organizing and filing personal income taxes is an often overwhelming task.

This can apply doubly so for small business owners having to learn the ropes of how to file for more than just themselves. Fortunately, Jeff Pickering, CPA has the tax solutions you need. If you need to contact us about our tax or accounting services, you can do so in the following ways:

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What Jeff Pickering, CPA Can Offer

The tax and accounting services team at Jeff Pickering, CPA has served a wide array of different clients in over two decades. The variety of services and the amount of experience we have as finance professionals is always growing, and you’ll find the services you need with us.


Whether it’s compiling financial statements, reviewing statements, keeping payroll records or paying bills, we can handle all of your accounting needs.

Taxation Services

Filing and paying taxes can have a lot of finer details, but we can help you with planning, preparing and even defending when it comes time to file.

Startup Services

Starting a business comes with enough to deal with, and we can help take the complicated task of taxes and financial planning off your hands. We can set up your filling, help you manage your growth and more.


We can conduct audits and reviews of your business’s finances so that you know exactly where you stand when it comes to quality and professional financial standards.

Consultation Services

We can also provide you with comprehensive consultation services relating to all financial aspects of your business or individual taxes: monitoring, budgeting, banking, negotiation, retirement planning and much more.

Accounting Services You Can Trust

Whether it’s financial planning or tax planning and preparation, Jeff Pickering, CPA can help. Contact us today or take a further look at the full range of services our accounting firm offers.