Tax and Financial Accounting Services

At Jeff Pickering, CPA, we offer a wide range of professional financial accounting and tax services for both businesses and individuals. We formed our financial accounting firm with the objective providing quality, timely and personal services at reasonable rates.


As your certified public accountant, Jeff Pickering, CPA will work with you to make sure your taxes are properly prepared and filed, and that your business is financially organized and secure. Here, you can find out more about our array of services.

Financial Accounting Services

Our financial accounting services include:

  • Compilation of financial statements
  • Review of financial statements
  • Maintaining payroll records
  • Preparing quarterly and year-end payroll reports
  • Preparing annual 1099 statements
  • Paying bills, making deposits and monitoring investments

Taxation Services

Tax services involve professional planning, organized documentation, preparation and defending. Planning is done on a proactive basis to create a course of action based on individual needs – whether business or personal – and to avoid and solve problems, not create them.

Financial accounting and tax services include documentation to provide an understanding of positions taken, and a framework for presentation of position with the IRS. All of this will help you understand how your own finance and tax information works, and how it benefits you.


Tax Return Preparation


Jeff Pickering, CPA understands that filling out tax returns can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to your first time filing business returns. To make things more simple for you, we provide the following tax return services:


  • Individual – 1040
  • Corporate – 1120 and 1120s
  • Partnership – 1065
  • Trust – 1041
  • State returns
  • Franchise, sales, and payroll tax returns.


Defending is done through our professional handling of IRS correspondence and audits.

Start-Up Services

Knowing how to approach accounting and taxes as a startup owner can be incredibly stressful. To help you, we offer the following services:

  • Corporation set-up filing for state and federal ID numbers
  • Services to set up your start-up company or early growth stage business.


Auditing Services

For simpler auditing, we help you by providing the following services:

  • Extensive audit experience in a variety of industries
  • Successful completion of independent quality reviews of accounting
  • Our commitment to maintaining the highest level of professional standards
  • The auditor is principally the shareholder of the firm.

Consultation Services

We offer the following consultation services:

  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Establishing finances
  • Monitoring finances.




If you need help with financial management and banking, we can provide:

  • Assistance with obtaining financing
  • Negotiation with other financial professionals.


Organizing General Financial Information


We can also help your finances stay on track with:

  • Design
  • Monitoring
  • Ratio analysis
  • Historical comparisons
  • Graphic presentation
  • Additional personal matters related to finance.


Additional Services


In addition to all of these services, we can also help with:

  • Assistance with estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Consultation during mergers and acquisitions
  • Interfacing with bankers and attorneys
  • Investment strategy and monitoring
  • Business planning and consulting.

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