Accounting Firm: Five Reasons Why DIY Taxes Aren’t Your Best Option

Accounting Firm: Five Reasons Why DIY Taxes Aren’t Your Best Option

Five Reasons Why An Accounting Firm Is Better Than DIY Tax Options

Accounting firm at workEvery spring, Americans are forced to answer the same question: Will I hire someone to do my taxes or will I do them myself? For some, they have friends or family who have accounting connections or who are experienced at doing taxes themselves. For others, however, the decision isn’t that simple.

You are certainly capable of doing your taxes by yourself, but at Jeff Pickering, CPA, we firmly believe that going with an accounting firm is a better option than a do-it-yourself (DIY) option. In today’s post, we’ll give you five reasons why we think you should utilize an accounting firm.

  1. Accounting Firms Hire Professionals

Arguably, the biggest reason why you should look into hiring an accounting firm is that they utilize trained experts to do your taxes. DIY tax methods are good, but you aren’t a tax professional and probably aren’t planning on becoming one in the near future. Using an accounting firm assures that you will have a professional dealing with your tax forms at all times.

  1. Professional Firms Can Save You Money On Taxes

When it comes to tax season, your biggest concern is avoiding t a heavy financial burden on your shoulders. You want to pay your taxes and not have to spend a whole lot of excess money in the process. What professional firms bring to the table is the potential to save money on your taxes, so that you can come out with more money than people who use DIY methods.

  1. Accountants Will Come To You With A Plan

When you aren’t used to handling your taxes on your own, the process can be sloppy. There isn’t usually a plan in place. It’s just a rush to the finish line hoping that you have everything ready and organized. That’s not what will be provided to you at an accounting firm. The team of Jeff Pickering, CPA will structure a plan for your individual situation that can help you save money.

  1. Your Tax Return Could Be Bigger

An added bonus of using an accounting firm is that you have professional eyes looking at your tax forms and financial situation. A professional is much more likely to catch anything that you might have missed and offer advice on the best ways to proceed with filing. When you bring your taxes to us, we may be able to find some hiding deductions.

  1. Accountants Will Work For You

At an accounting firm, the goal is to find the best possible tax solutions for our clients. That is also the goal of every person who uses a DIY tax method. However, by hiring the professionals, you have someone working on your behalf who not only has your best interest in mind but also has the means to find the best solutions for you.

At Jeff Pickering, CPA, that is our mission. We are an accounting firm that wants to work on your behalf. We want to find the best tax solutions for you. Give us a call today at (972) 378-5200 or email us for more information.