What Is a Certified Public Accountant?

Explaining a certified public accountant

What Is a Certified Public Accountant?

What Is a Certified Public Accountant? We Can Explain

If you’re wondering what a certified public accountant is and what hiring one can do for you and your business, Jeff Pickering, CPA can explain. Jeff Pickering and his team have been offering certified public accountant services for over 22 years and have helped both businesses and individuals with their accounting and tax preparation needs, both in the US and internationally. With this wealth, variety and length of experience, we can explain just how what a certified public accountant does – and why hiring one can make your financial life much simpler.

When Was the Role of CPA Established?

Certified public accountants (CPAs) are certified by the American Association of Public Accountants. The AICPA was formed in 1887 by a group of accountants. The purpose of the AICPA was, and still is, to establish and maintain a moral standard for professional accountants in the US.

As time went on, more regulation was placed on banking and the finance industry to protect businesses and citizens, and certain additional requirements were key to the role of CPAs. The AICPA was the primary body to determine accounting standards until the early 1970s when the Financial Accounting Standards Board was created. The AICPA still certifies public accountants today.

What Can a CPA Do?

The role of a CPA is to provide accounting services to their client to the standards set by the AICPA. The role of a CPA can vary from being the chief financial officer for a Fortune 500 company to advising small, independent startups. A CPA will help individuals and business owners of all kinds to assess, organize, plan and achieve their financial goals. This can be anything from planning a business budget to filing taxes.

The CPA Code of Ethics and Maintaining Independence

The important thing to know about a CPA is what distinguishes them from a regular accountant. While an accountant may have the same experience and knowledge as a CPA, a CPA has been through the AICPA testing process and has been officially certified. This not only means that they have met a certain standard, but that they are held to a specific moral code and level of expectations.

Helping Businesses Navigate New Laws and Regulations

Along with the level of trust and reliability that comes with hiring a CPA, there’s the added benefit of having a professional who is aware of any changes in the financial world. Every CPA is expected to stay up to date with financial industry developments and tax regulations. This means that you and your business will benefit from a professional accountant equipped not only with experience, but the latest knowledge.

Contact a Certified Public Accountant Today

If this sounds like a service that would benefit you, contact our accounting firm and talk to a certified public accountant today. We can help you with an extensive range of services, from maintaining payroll records and compiling financial statements, to budgeting, planning and offering consultations during mergers and acquisitions.